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A Word About the 2016 Presidential Election

Yes, it’s terrifying. But we should not give in to fear and acquiescence. This is not over yet. We the People do not have to take this. There are practical things that we can do.

That's right. YOU have the POWER to do something.


HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE. By nearly 3 million votes. Although the movement to intercept Trump at the electoral college level did not work, that does not mean we are defeated. There is much more to come.

THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WAS TAMPERED WITH BY RUSSIAN HACKERS with the intention of getting Trump elected.This has been confirmed. Therefore it was not legitimate. We need to hold a new election, preferably with new candidates. Furthermore, there is evidence that Trump was aware of the hacking and that Russian president Vladimir Putin  has kompromat (blackmail) on Trump allowing him undue influence on Trump and the United States.

TRUMP HAS NO EXPERIENCE AND IS UNWILLING TO LEARN. An inexperienced person at the helm of any nation in these critical times is a huge mistake even if Trump means well. Worse, he refuses to take intelligence briefings, has appointed non-politicians to his cabinet instead of people who are familiar with the issues, and when questioned about this says he'll take each problem as it comes. He doesn't realize that even his casual phone calls and his words on twitter have serious consequences. No country can be run this way.

TRUMP HAS SERIOUS EMOTIONAL & IMPULSE CONTROL PROBLEMS. At the very least, his twitter account shows evidence of an immature attitude. In the past, his personal, non-online behavior has led mental health professionals to suggest strongly that he should undergo a mental status examination before assuming office.

TRUMP HAS SERIOUS CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS. While he is in the White House (we'll say that instead of "president"), Trump cannot earn money through his businesses or investments. He cannot put his children in charge of his empire, as he initially tried to do. He's accustomed to earning millions from his worldwide hotels and casinos, but legally he will have to SELL all of those and put the money in a blind trust. To do otherwise is to be in serious violation of the law. He can and will be IMPEACHED for this if he doesn't cooperate.

TRUMP APPEALS TO BIGOTS AND HATE GROUPS.  Even if he does not believe in these things himself, his appeal to the far-right white supremacist movement (the "alt-right") is undeniable and he has not sufficiently distanced himself from these people. America is made up of many different people and their voices, and he cannot shut us all out. His "victory" (even though he lost the popular vote) spurred acts of violence and intimidation toward nonwhites, immigrants (even legal ones), females and LGBT that go right down to the grade school level.

What Can I Do?

Whether or not you accept that this Russian-backed fascist demagogue and his GOP goon squad won fair and square, you do not have to accept him!YOU can send him a message letting them know that you do NOT accept him as your leader, that his hatred and bigotry are NOT the United States of America, and are NOT WHO YOU ARE.


What Do I Do About Trump?  Practical things YOU can do RIGHT NOW, personally and in community. Planning, involvement, self-protection, join with friends, positive action.

Indivisible Here is a guide to the best ways to make Congress listen to YOU. (Some of the ideas in here might be useful in other types of activism also.)

Fight Trump This site is related to Indivisible, and has information and action alerts for contacting officials about important issues.

We're HIS problem now! This Google Docs callsheet tells you exactly how to call your elected (or "elected") officials and communicate to them about the issues you care about. Includes a suggested schedule so that certain issues are addressed on certain days. "The goal is to generate a high volume of calls that require the operator to check off individual boxes. That means it’s critical to name your issues specifically and not just say something like 'oppose Trump.'"

How to Contact your Senators & Congresspeople,
and How to Engage With Them

More advice from Mark Maynard


Join the Action Group Network

Sign up for and host Action Network Emergency Community Meetings  (The Action Network helps to support undocumented immigrant workers/students and people of targeted faiths, LGBTQ and anyone else threatened by the Trump agenda. Ask if your city, church or school will provide sanctuary.)

Get a car sticker!  Or get a button!  The more people speak up, even if it's just a car sticker, the more people will know they're not alone.

Link to these sites/ follow on Twitter:
Not My President
Keith Olbermann Updates and The Resistance videos

The Resistance

Democratic Coalition Against Trump (Includes a list of places to boycott. Grab'em by the Wallet! Also includes "The Dworkin Report". Scott Dworkin (@funder on Twitter) also collects incriminating evidence as "#trumpleaks".)

Spread kindness and love.
Do all the things you do. Do them more.

Now on to the business at hand:

Have another look at our "blue galaxy" header. Beautiful, isn't it? It's a good representation of our worlds, many and varied. Some are not yet explored, some not even known of, and perhaps they never will be.

Maybe you happened on to this web page by chance. Or perhaps you're looking for information for a term paper or an article for a newspaper. Maybe you or someone you love has learned they are plural: that they have multiple personalities. Whatever the reasons, we'd like to share with you some facts -- and a few of our thoughts and beliefs.

I am Jazz, of the Oure Gaiya system. Many people of all ages reside within my shared body, and we help and support each other. I personally often begin clamoring for change NOW!, and often don't stop to think of the situations of those I am advocating for and with. Please bear with me as I too am learning.

Multiplicity is not an illness or disorder. Mental health experts are now beginning to understand this. That doesn't mean that all doctors get it. Some may still have the old prejudiced, backward ideas about multiple personalities... just like any other preconceived notions Western society has had over the decades.

For example, many people, including professionals, still believe that multiple personalities means chaos and bizarre behavior, like Sybil. Some multiples really are very disorganized and everyone needs to learn to cooperate for the benefit of all. But not all multiples are that way. So your group of selves, your inner family, might be IN disorder, but the existence of your system is not itself a disorder. Cooperation and communication are the keys. Some multiples need professional help to stabilize their inner community and learn to work together. Others figure it out on their own.

Here's a common occurrence. Someone who knows they are multiple goes to a therapist for assistance -- let's say they're having job-related stress or anxiety, or difficulties in a relationship. In the course of telling the doctor about themselves, they disclose they are plural. Diagnosis? Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Yet what they went for originally had nothing to do with being multiple. They're having trouble for other reasons, NOT because they are multiple!

Multiples who recognize the others inside without therapy or hypnosis do exist. Mental health professionals need to recognize that the old stereotypes are just that, instead of diagnosing these self-recognized collectives with delusions or thought disorders.

About These Pages

You'll find a lot of information on these pages, but the true goal of this site is activism.

It will be difficult to change the ideas and attitudes of society, especially the medical community --- but these are our lives and we need to take control of the helm. Now is the time for self advocacy and empowerment. There are so many of us for whom being plural/multiple is NOT an illness, it is a way of life!

The public's general view of multiple personality/multiplicity/plurality somewhat resembles the old ideas of homosexuality. The American Psychiatric Association defined homosexuality as a mental illness needing a cure, until the 1980s. Thank goodness most (definitely not all) people came to their senses and learned that being gay is a way of life, part of who you are. It doesn't define who you are as a person though, anymore than the color of your eyes.

We need to stand up for ourselves like the gay community did nearly 40 years ago and like the autistic community is doing now. We need to travel the road that the African Americans and all people of color paved for us. People with disabilities are the most recent group to claim their rights as individuals and to ask to be treated as such.  No matter what they try to tell you, whether it be friends, family or even the medical community, remember that being plural is in no way an illness, something to be cured of.

Please stay tuned to these pages, especially the activism page. We so hope we can accomplish what others in the past have. Encourage and support taking a stand and saying "no more" to exploitation, objectification and ridicule. If you have an idea for activism, or a need for advocacy for yourself or others, please contact us.